Section 1 | How to apply / Regulations

1. What does one have to do to apply for meditation practice?

Answer : As a newcomer who has never contacted YBAT, you may fill out an application form, attach your personal documents, and send to The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand

2. By which methods may application forms be sent?

Answer : Send directly to YBAT Head Office (Phetkasem 54) by any one of the three following options.
1.Website : www.ybat.org
2. By post
3. In person at YBAT

3. What will happen if the participation is not confirmed?

Answer : In case of your failing to confirm registration for training within the set time, your participation will be nullified for that course. Consequently, the next person reserved in line will be automatically put in your place. Your reservation to attend the course is not transferable. The open course may be applied for, and participants confirmed, right up until it is full.

4. Is there any expense required for the application?

Answer : Generally, most YBAT courses are free of charge, except some special courses for which applicants will be notified in advance prior to confirming, and costs will be stated in the Project Sheet. You may kindly donate for any Vipassana Meditation Course or other activities, please see details.

5. When applying on the website, how to confirm or cancel?

Answer : Enter YBAT website, click to the Dhamma Practice Application page, enter password and user name; press login and click to confirm. Put the mouse on confirm or cancel next to the required course.

  Section 2 | Food lodging and Dress

1. What is the proper dress code for participants?

Answer : As a gesture of respect to teachers and venue, please be advised to dress as follows:
    - Wearing white shirt and long pants. Shorts and loin cloths are not allowed.
    - Wearing white dress with long pants or tube skirt covering ankle bones.
For the course conducted by Vipassana teacher, please wear tube skirt with breast cloth. Tight-fitting clothes, thin clothes, and tops with a deep neck cut are forbidden.

2. How are the meals served?

Answer : YBAT will prepare vegetarian food for 2-3 meals per day as specified for each project.

3. Is lodging air-conditioned?

Answer : YBAT 1 : An airconditioned large common room is provided for practitioners.
    - Dhammanives Building -- Double decker bed rooms accommodated for 40 persons each
    - Siri Kalinchai Building -- Double decker bed rooms accommodated for 80 persons each.

YBAT 2 : A single room with a toilet inside, for one person to practice and eat in. Each individual room is non air-conditioned.

YBAT 3 : A large common room (non-air conditioned).

YBAT 4 : A single monk chamber.

4. Is washing clothes allowed?

Answer : No.
- But for a long course i.e. 15 day program, a laundry service is available for you, and you will have to settle the bills upon completion of the program.

  Section 3 | Supporting YBAT

1. If interested to support YBAT, how does one do so?

Answer : You may participate and support YBAT by different methods : i.e.
1. Financial Support To cover expenses for Vipassana Meditation Training or other merit causes : please check details here
    - Partial participation for Vipassana Meditation Training project.
    - Supporting various funds of YBAT i.e. Vipassana Meditation Fund, Youth Development Fund, Dhamma Propagation Fund, Tripitaka Fund.
    - Supporting other projects.
    - Monk Ordination Project.
    - Novice Ordination Project.
    - Birthday Celebration - - Buddhist Project style.
    - One-day Dhamma Practice Project.
    - Dhamma learning and teaching Project etc.

2. Physical or wisdom support Volunteer work may be done based on your skill.
    – For those who are interested, please sign in to apply as volunteer to support YBAT. Each year, YBAT organizes over 200 courses. We are short of sufficient staff members. Your volunteering will definitely help us in fulfilling our obligations. Please contact the Human Resource Development Section.

    – Applying as a “volunteer merit bridge”. You may help to publicize information of YBAT through facebook, line, e-mail in order to pass on YBAT information to friends and relatives. Click to apply for obtaining information, share, introduce and pass on.

2. How does one participate in a Dhamma Practice Project?

Answer : Those who wish to jointly make merit may join to be a main patron for various courses i.e. Youth Vipassana Meditation Project or Vipassana Meditation Course by monk or other prominent lay people. You may also check the rates for donation to be put on signage for Anumodhana for that particular course, ordonate as you wish. Please contact our staff.
- You may download the donation form Here
- Send Postal Order payable to The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand, Bangkae Postal office 10160
- or Crossed cheque to The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand.
- or ATM of Siam Commercial Bank, all branches.
- or transfer to The Young Buddhists Association of Thailand Account.
    Bangkok Bank, Tha Phra Branch, Savings Account No. 141-0-74600-0.
    Kasikorn Bank, Phasi Charoen Branch, Savings Account No. 034-2-69529-9
    Krung Thai Bank, Phasi Charoen Branch, Savings Account No. 025-1-34213-1
    Siam Commercial Bank, Seacon Bangkhae Branch, Savings Account No. 232-2-18801-5

**Remarks: For money transfer, please send in your Pay in slip with your Donation Form to fax 02-413-3131
or email : donate@ybat.org A certificate of donation will be issued to you.

3. What is the use of the YBAT Certificate of Donation?

Answer : YBAT is privileged for tax exemption according to the Ministry of Finance’s Announcement No.117. Donors may bring the Certificate for annual tax redemption as a person or juristic person.